Nightfood Midnight Chocolate Ice Cream Pint (1 count)

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Deep, dark, delicious, decadent, and delicious, Midnight Chocloate uses two kinds of natural cocoa to give it great body and balance. You'd never believe it was only 70 calories per serving, with no artificial sweeteners or yucky erythritol after-taste. Just straight-up, 3-eyed, CraveMonster goodness. As soon as the first spoonful hits your lips, you'll find your one true pint-sized love. Legal Disclaimer: The monster had three eyes BEFORE consuming Nightfood ice cream!!!


INGREDIENTS: Skim milk, prebiotic fiber (chicory root extract), milk protein concentrate, brown rice syrup, cream, cocoa powders (natural and processed with alkali), glycerin, glycine, tapioca syrup, natural flavor, Nightfood mineral blend (magnesium citrate; calcium citrate; zinc citrate), tara gum, guar gum, salt, monk fruit extract.


Contains: milk.

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