Oh Snap! Pickling Co., Cool Beans, 1.75 oz. (12 Count)

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These green beans are ready to become your new, favorite snack.  Fresh-packed, perfectly seasoned, AND healthy!  How cool is that??

OH SNAP! Pickling Co. is changing the way people think about pickles and veggies. Sure, they’re still cute and incredibly delicious. But now, pickles, carrots, green beans, and snap peas are even easier to snack on, with no added brine (no messy juice), and available in convenient, single-serve packaging. OH SNAP! does tasty snacks. And, we do them oh so well, thank you.


fresh green beans, water, vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, natural flavor (contains celery seed extract), polysorbate 80, propylene glycol, sodium benzoate (preservative), turmeric (color)

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